Our mission

We are all in this together and our mission is to help water utilities and their customers save water, save money, and save time.

How it started…

Back in early 2013, our founder Robb was thinking about water and wondered how much he used each day. Maybe 30 gallons? 40 gallons on laundry day? He rummaged around in a filing cabinet to assemble old paper utility bills - but wait, everything was in “units”. Why was this so hard to figure out? Why wasn’t there easy access to utility information on his smartphone?

Dropcountr has grown from a question and recognition of opportunity, to a software company staffed by water, sustainability and technology enthusiasts in Silicon Valley. What started as a personal project in 2013 now includes billions of data points and connects over a million people with their water use in unexpected and helpful ways. It’s impressive how people respond when empowered with modern tools to manage their own water use.

Oh, and Robb found out that he actually used 211 gallons of water EACH DAY! But with better information and some direction, he and his family are down to 136 gallons per day.

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“We live in an area where water is precious. This app, which shows our water usage on a monthly weekly daily and even hourly basis has been indispensable in determining where we can conserve water.”


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