Digital technology for water conservation

Dropcountr connects people and their utilities on the mobile devices they use everyday. Our unique mobile and web applications help water utilities and their customers save water, save money and save time.
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Any Channel, Every Customer

In a world dominated by mobile apps, we connect utilities and consumers on mobile, as well as web and paper to help everyone conserve water.

Instant Communication

Utilities can deliver customized drought and water budget messages instantly. Users are notified of damaging leaks immediately.

Advanced Analytics

Users see how much water they use and how they compare to others like them. Utilities can generate usage and compliance reports.

Transparent and Informative

Inform and guide consumers towards water-conscious decisions.

As more utilities adopt rate tiers to drive conservation, Dropcountr Tiers educates consumers as to water use and cost - all with just a tap on their smartphone.

Cost-effective Communication

Easy and familiar communication using mobile push notifications or email.

How many urgent letters do you write and mail? Communicate critical messages like lawn watering restrictions or leak detection digitally, instantly, and cost effectively.

Targeted Tips and Useful Rebates

We connect users with relevant and valuable rebates from their utilities.

Many consumers don’t know about utility rebates on energy and water efficient appliances. Dropcountr connects users with these rebates, helping them to save water, energy and money - and upgrade their home too.

Simple, yet powerful Meter Data Management

We understand that other MDM products are complex and difficult to use. And if you have more than one meter type, you may need a MDM solution for each data stream. Dropcountr designed CLEAR with utility input – its easy and intuitive to use, and “meter agnostic” so you can see all of your meter data in one place.

Easily sort and filter accounts

Save time with CLEAR insights and one-click report exports.

Who were your highest users last month? Which accounts are trending upward on usage? Sort accounts by usage, leak flags or geography. Quickly filter into groups for messaging, follow-up and reporting.

Modern communication for customer engagement

Send targeted messages instantly and cost-effectively.

Today’s utility customers communicate with smartphones, social media and email. Use CLEAR to reach your customers instantly and cost-effectively – no paper or postage. Send customized alerts to your high users, or one message to your odd numbered service addresses and another to the even. Bill pay, rebates, water restriction and emergency messages are sent and received instantly.